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Eat Dust

Eat Dust officially began life almost 7 years ago when Rob and Keith started the company out of their garage. They’d been friends for a few years before that and had pretty much been talking about doing something for themselves since the day they met.
The guys chose the name Eat Dust over beers in their local bar and sketched-out their signature handelbar stitching on the back of a beer coaster. It was from that moment that Eat Dust really “kicked off”. Today it is still just Rob and Keith running the company, but thankfully they have also had a lof friends help them out along the way.
We hope you enjoy the ride.

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Eat Dust

T-673 Heavy Slub Jersey

CHF 59.90 CHF 29.95

Eat Dust

Cropped Stripe Sweater

CHF 219.00 CHF 109.50

Eat Dust

Knitted Sweater With Button Closure

CHF 249.00 CHF 124.50