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Carré Royal

Porte Carte Plat- Blue

CHF 74.19

Kartenhalter von Carré Royale

- Produktdetails:

4 Kartenfächer

1 Hinweis Fach

1 Elastischer Verschluss

- Abmessungen:

L 10 cm x B 6,5 cm

- Farbe:


- Material:


erhältlich im zooloose Markets basel und zürich

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Bilder für Hersteller Carré Royal

Carré Royal began as a personal journey, a search for Harmony through Creativity and Simplicity.

We keep searching for the harmony of shapes, colours, illustrations, drawings, materials to offer timeless collections, that celebrate the simplicity, the joy, the extraordinary nature of Life.
Carré Royal is focused on bringing functional, simple, and colourful accessories to the world. For this we rely on the know-how of the brand which dates back to the 1950s, and the foundation of its first workshops in Normandy.

We select carefully materials from the best European tanneries and fabric makers and enjoy combining materials.