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Loulou Studio

Shearling Jacket

CHF 1104.92

Jacke von LouLou Studio


 - Relaxed Fit

- überschnittene Schultern

- Doppelreiher im Caban-Stil

- kuscheliges Innenfutter

- mit Seitentaschen

- Farbe: beige

- Material: 100% Lammfell & Wolle



erhältlich im zooloose PURE, Basel

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Bilder für Hersteller Loulou Studio

Loulou Studio started with a desire for pieces that the designer Chloé Loulou De Saison couldn’t find in the fashion industry: a balance between timeless appeal with quality craftsmanship, at the right price. She wanted to help women around her and design collections that would make them feel comfortable in their everyday life. Comfortable sweaters to be worn with confidence and ease.