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C.P. Company

Sweatshirts - Sweat Hooded

CHF 189.00
CHF 94.50

Hoodie von C.P. Company

- Material: 100% Baumwolle

- Farbe: Schwarz und Weiss bedruckt

erhältlich im zooloose PURE in basel

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Bilder für Hersteller C.P. Company

In 1978 the English clothing brands Chester Barry and Fred Perry simultaneously take legal action against the Bolognese designer for, respectively, the use of their first name and surname. Massimo then decides to evolve Chester Perry into C.P. Company.

This drier, more mature name inaugurated one of the most explosive and influential bursts of creativity in the history of modern Italian fashion and would quickly make C.P. Company the essential brand of choice for Italian intellectuals and artists.

For more than 45 years the brand has continued to pioneer its signature hybridization of archival military, work and sportswear models, combining them with intensely researched, cutting-edge, Italian fabric innovation