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CHF 119.78

Regenmantel von Tretorn


- Kunststoff Druckknöpfe

- verstellbare Kapuze

- verschweisste Nähte

- Wasserdichte 8000mm

- Farbe: rostrot

- Material: 100% Polyester (innen) 100% PVC-freier Polyurethan (aussen)


erhältlich im zooloose MARKET Basel und Zürich

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Bilder für Hersteller Tretorn


Born out of Scandinavian weather, Tretorn has made a mark on many places on earth. Our products have been used at tennis courts, rainy streets in the city and in hazy desolated forests. Over the past 125 years, we’ve found new ways to develop new but sustainable products with a love of nature. In our Journal, you will find out more about our sustainable innovation, our mission and our day-to-day work.